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How Retirees Can Help Support NYSUT's Efforts

You may have seen that NYSUT made much progress during the New York State budget process to support education, our students, staff and retirees.    The legislative staff, our members and officers used many tools to accomplish this.   Tiers 5 and 6, although not entirely fixed, is moving in the right direction.

One way that you can help with the effort it to make sure that you assist in providing the funds needed for lobbying.   By completing a VOTE Cope Pension Deduction form, you can help assist NYSUT in having the funds it needs to accomplish legislative priorities.  Remember, dues dollars can not be used for this so we all depend on those VOTE COPE contributions.

Let's show our fellow NYSUT members retirees are still in the fight and support these efforts.   The form can be downloaded with this link: 

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